Advanced Fox Hunting Techniques

Updated February 21, 2017

Hunting fox requires advanced techniques due to their extremely keen vision, hearing and sense of smell. Being a master hunter itself, the fox is always on the alert for changes in its environment, and you must be as crafty as it is to outfox the fox.

Camouflage yourself to match the territory in which you intend to fox hunt. Match the colours of your clothing to the colours of your surroundings. Cover your face and hands as well, as a smart fox picks up on your skin colour right away.

Use a good call. Digital calls are the most advanced, as they work reliably and perfectly mimic the sound of a real fox bark.

Call foxes at the right time of day, typically in the predawn and dawn. Foxes are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day, and are not nearly as likely to be fooled by a call when they know they should be sleeping. During the active hunting hours, calling yields the greatest amount of success.

Know your quarry. Choose your hunting ground, depending on whether you are hunting red or grey foxes. The former prefers wooded farm lots, while the latter can be found more readily in forested areas. Hunting with this information is an advanced technique that yields better results than being ill-prepared.

Conceal yourself. Natural blinds are preferred, as they do not alert the fox to your presence. Good visibility over distances also improves your hunting chances, as the fox's keen sense of smell tells them where you are. For this reason, stay upwind whenever possible.


Foxes are wild animals likely to become aggressive if cornered, or if they are sick with rabies. Approach any wild animal with caution, even when it appears dead.

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