How to cook with halogen infrared

Updated November 21, 2016

Cooking with halogen lights is remarkably different from cooking with either gas or electric stoves. Halogen uses an immediate and powerful concentration of infrared waves that conduct heat quicker than conventional methods. Cooking with halogen can involve a halogen oven, a hob or a countertop cooker. Cooking with halogen requires some adjustment for those used to cooking with electric or gas stoves as the cooking times are greatly shortened with halogen lights. You can enjoy amazing culinary results in almost half the time.

Cook your foods on a halogen hob as you would normally with any other stove. Be sure to keep your hob clean of spills and debris. Do not use rounded pots as these may not work well with halogen lighting. Instead use a pot that fits neatly over the entire lit surface of the halogen light to ensure proper cooking and even distribution of heat.

Cook your food in a halogen oven after checking the cook times in your owner's manual. Most cook times are halved such as with chicken or beef, but are almost the same for items such as potatoes and carrots. Make sure your food is arranged but not overlapping, or uneven cooking will occur. Bacon wrapped around items can tend to smoke when exposed to halogen lights for an extended period of time, so be careful when adding items that can be cooked at different times.

Read your owner's manual guide to find out if your oven has presets for particular foods. Most are preprogrammed to times that cook particular items and common brands of foods, such as Pillsbury breads.

Skip preheating or thawing entirely. A big selling point for most halogen ovens is that they can cook a completely frozen chicken in under an hour. To skip preheating, simply place your food inside the oven and turn it on.

Cook with a countertop halogen cooker. These small compact cookers are made to accommodate a medium-size whole chicken with vegetables and can cook these items in less than a half hour.

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