How to measure a chainsaw chain length

A chainsaw chain is the cutting device that rips through trees and logs. Designed to last a specific amount of time, a chain eventually wears out. Many chainsaw users sharpen the chain in order to extend its life. However, a broken, damaged or severely worn chain ultimately needs replacing. Replacing a chainsaw chain requires you to know the length of your chain prior to purchasing a replacement.

Count the number of drive links (teeth) on the chainsaw chain. For example, the teeth on a chain will be a number such as 52 or 72.

Measure three rivets on the chain and divide by two. This gives you the pitch of the chainsaw chain, which is necessary to have when buying a replacement.

Measure the width of the chainsaw chain. The number will likely be from one-quarter to one-half inch in width.


Call the chainsaw manufacturer to confirm your chainsaw chain measurements. You will need to provide the manufacturer with your saw's model number when confirming the chain size.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
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