How to Wear Tweed Jackets

Updated February 21, 2017

Tweed jackets are made of wool, and originated in Northern Scotland. The tweed jacket was created to protect the wearer from the cold climate of Scotland. In 1830, the jacket's pattern was referred to as "tweel" in a letter to a London merchant, who read the word "tweel" as "tweed" which he thought was a reference to winding Tweed river that runs through the border towns of Scotland. The cloth was advertised as tweed and the name stuck. Tweed jackets are a classic garment for men and women and, if worn well, they can make a stylish fashion statement.

Wear a plain, non-patterned shirt, blouse or sweater underneath the jacket. Pick out a colour from the jacket's pattern and use this as a base for your outfit. A tweed jacket will stand out so you want to wear something underneath that does not detract from the jacket.

Pair your tweed jacket with a pair of plain black or grey trousers, which create a classy look for casual or more formal occasions.

Add a lightweight scarf, again in a complementary colour, but not patterned. Drape it casually around your neck, or just wrap it round your neck one very loosely and let it hang. This will update the tweed look which can look very academic or old school, and will give the whole outfit an edge.

Put on a pair of plain black shoes; loafers are classic and will complement the outfit.

Put on a plain blouse or sweater and accessorise with a colourful chunky necklace and big colourful bracelets.

Add a black pencil skirt and some knee high black boots. If you have a tweed jacket and skirt that match you could wear the tweed skirt here instead. The key is to modernise an outfit that is often quite old-fashioned.

Jazz up your tweed jacket by adding a handkerchief that picks out the colour of your accessories; fold the handkerchief into a triangle and put it in the pocket.


Avoid wearing tweed with elbow patches as these will look old fashioned and academic, unless that is the look that you want to go for. Try wearing a T-shirt underneath if the weather is warmer; tweed can be quite hot to wear. Corduroy trousers are also a good option with tweed since the fabrics will complement each other.

Things You'll Need

  • Tweed jacket
  • Shirt or sweater
  • Trousers
  • Scarf
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