How to make a blurry video more clear

Written by chris hoke | 13/05/2017

You upload a video to your computer, but realise that the picture quality isn't as crisp as you thought, the subjects appear out of focus, or the whole video appears blurry. These problems may be the result of several factors, including a focusing issue with the camera lens, video compression or a low video resolution. No matter what causes the video blurring, you can restore at least some of the quality to your video files by using one of several video enhancement programs found online.

Download and install a video enhancement program such as "vReveal," "Movavi Video Suite" or "EnhanceMovie" (see Resources).

Launch the video enhancement program.

Click the "Open" or "Import" button. Click to select the blurry video file, and click "Open." Drag the video to the timeline, if necessary.

Click the "Sharpening" filter icon and click "Add and Customize," or click the "Effects" menu and select "Sharpen." If using "vReveal," click the "Enhance" tab and disable all of the "Fix" options except "Sharpen."

Set the "Sharpening" filter to "100," and click "OK," or drag the "Sharpening" filter onto the video in the timeline. If using "vReveal," click the "One Click Fix" button.

Click the "Play" button to preview the video file. Click "Save" or click "File" and "Save" to save the video file.

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