How to Write a Child Observation Recommendation Paper

Teacher's write child observation recommendation papers when a student within their classroom is showing signs of misbehavior or having learning issues. The teacher talks to the child, administration and parents prior to writing the recommendation to see if there are issues affecting the child's learning within the classroom. The observation recommendation paper is the official request for daily observations of specific behaviours or actions. This leads to an action plan and possibly an Individual Education Plan also known as an IEP.

Begin the child observation recommendation paper with an introduction specifically about the child. This includes both positive learning and behavioural actions along with negative learning and behavioural concerns. Keep this section 2 to 3 paragraphs in length.

Write the main body of the child observation recommendation paper with the negative concerns in detail. Use bullets if more than one issue is addressed. Explain why each negative concern is an issue and why each one should be addressed and observed. Propose a timeline for the observation and what will happen at the end of the observation.

Conclude with a summation of the paper. Include the advantages of correcting the negative concerns.

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