How to Order Traditional Korean Clothing

Updated March 23, 2017

Whether you are visiting Korea, need to order clothing for a school project, or have a formal Korean event to attend, traditional Korean clothing, known as "Hanbok," can be useful. However, Americans and other foreigners may find it difficult to purchase traditional Korean clothing in their countries. By following a simple process, you can order traditional Korean Hanboks in less than half an hour for whatever purposes you may need them for.

Understand the clothing. A symbol of Korean culture, Hanbok is a form of dress that covers much of the body. It has a white stripe around the collar. Traditionally, Koreans wear Hanbok on holidays and for family celebrations, though some may wear it every day.

Determine your needs. Depending on your intentions for your traditional Korean clothing, you may desire traditional Hanbok or something more modern. More modern, everyday Hanbok will be easier to move around in and less formal.

Note the details you will require. Traditional Korean Hanbok is white; however, colours and material can change depending on the season or the occasion, so you may wish to order Hanbok in a different colour.

Purchase unobtrusive underwear. Because of the white colour of traditional Hanbok, as well as its sleek lines, you should purchase sleek, preferably beige or skin-toned underwear so as to wear your Hanbok in the most appropriate way. You can find appropriate undergarments at local department or chain stores, including stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Visit international trade websites. Websites like Alibaba put buyers in contact with vendors from around the world, including from Korea, to purchase items that may not necessarily be found in their current countries.

Search for the particular details that you need. If you need a red Hanbok, rather than a white one, you may need to contact several different vendors listed on the international trade websites.

Order your Hanbok. Because of the distance of most traditional Korean clothing vendors, you will most likely have to pay by credit card or Pay Pal. Plan ahead; as the clothing may ship from Korea or somewhere equally far away, expect to wait around two weeks and possibly more for the clothing to arrive.

Add accessories. Once you have your Hanbok, accessorise with traditional Korean items. These include Norigae, which decorates the closure of the jacket, Bi-nyeo, a pin which is worn in the hair, and Dang-hye, embroidered silk shoes.

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