How to Make an Indian Wedding Doll

Updated April 17, 2017

Indian weddings are festive occasions filled with bright colours, lots of flowers, dancing, traditional rituals and religious prayers. As part of the reception, many brides and grooms have wedding dolls incorporated into the decorations. Some companies manufacture Indian wedding dolls, both brides and grooms, specifically for wedding decorations or for collectors, but the dolls can be re-created with a little time and effort.

Purchase the male and female doll bodies. Many websites like Audrey's Doll Gallery and Dollmaker's Journey manufacture and sell many standard-sized doll parts. The sites allow you to choose the look and feel of your doll, including the skin tone.

Put the dolls together. The soft-bodied doll must be stuffed with cotton or another soft substance and sewn together using a sewing machine. The hard plastic doll pieces can be easily snapped together.

Purchase and attach the hair to the heads of the dolls, if it is not included in the doll parts package. Your doll is ready to be dressed.

Find a doll dress pattern and clothing that reflects the same theme and colours you are using for the wedding. If you are a collector or doll maker, choose wedding attire patterns that you like. India is divided into states and regions, and the traditional wedding dresses and clothing reflect the bride and groom's region. The dolls' costumes should do the same.

Visit a fabric store or search online for a fabric store that makes traditional Indian wedding dresses and saris (or saris). It will provide you with fabric to make a more authentic wedding dress for your doll.

Select beads, gemstones and trim to add to the wedding clothing. Most fabric stores will have a selection of each. Gold and other metallics are common decorative colours in festive Indian ceremonial dress.

Gather all of your materials. Now you are ready to sew your dolls' clothing using the patterns. Once they are constructed, make sure that they fit the dolls. Alter them if necessary and then add the beading and trimmings.

Dress your doll in its wedding outfit. To complete the look, glue jewellery and accessories to the doll's face, hands or wherever else you think they will add to the aesthetic of the doll.


If you are feeling adventurous, you may decorate the doll's face with make-up and mini jewellery worn by traditional brides, or add brown paint to represent the henna on the bride's hands and feet. Use an acrylic paint. Make sure that the bride's and groom's attire are from the same state in India, unless the bride and groom are from different states. Although many Indian wedding dresses are made out of silk, you can use a less expensive fabric for the dolls' dress and attire.


You may sew the dolls using a needle and thread, but a sewing machine will be faster and hold together better.

Things You'll Need

  • Material doll pattern or hard plastic doll parts
  • Cotton
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Doll hair or yarn for hair
  • Dress pattern for a doll
  • Fabric
  • Beads, gemstones and trim
  • Material glue
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