How to make an eagle costume

Show your patriotic spirit on the 4th of July or Halloween with an eagle costume. This simple homemade project (no sewing involved) takes only about an hour to complete; and the materials needed are inexpensive and can be purchased at your local craft stores. Better yet, get your kids involved in the craft project and keep them occupied in those long hours after school.

Cut the piece of yellow foam into the shape of a triangle to form the shape of the eagle's beak from a piece of 230 by 305 mm (9 by 12 inch) foam. The piece should be slightly larger than the bill of the cap so it protrudes out to make the beak.

Glue the triangular piece of foam onto the bill of the baseball cap with a hot glue gun.

Wrap the white boa around the top of the baseball cap and secure it with a hot glue gun.

Cut a piece of the first brown boa off and glue it to centre bottom of the brown shirt. This will act as the eagle's tail.

Wrap the entire shirt with the second brown boa by starting at the bottom and securing the boa to the shirt as you go up toward the shirt's neck with a hot glue gun.

Cut the remainder of the first brown boa into two strips and glue each piece down the arms of the brown shirt.

Cover the top of a pair of white shoes with two pieces of yellow foam that have been cut to size. These are the eagle's talons. Secure the yellow foam to the shoe tops with hot glue.

Put on the hat, the brown shirt, a pair of brown leggings, and your shoes.


Be careful using a hot glue gun with children. It is best to let them observe, while you use the gun yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • One white boa
  • Two brown boas
  • 3 pieces of 230 by 305 mm (9 by 12 inch) yellow craft foam
  • White baseball cap
  • Brown leggings
  • Long-sleeved brown shirt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
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