How to Get Rid of Back Bra Fat

Written by cicely a. richard
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How to Get Rid of Back Bra Fat
A strength training regimen builds muscles in the upper back. (muscles image by Inhumane Productions from

Numerous women suffer from bra overhang, the fat at appears when you put on a bra and is visible through shirts. Sometimes called a muffin top, you become more susceptible to back bra fat as you get older. Women often wear shaping products like long bras to minimise the appearance of extra fat, and some women resort to extreme measures like cosmetic surgery. Before you think of taking dramatic efforts like surgery, you can get rid of bra bulge by taking a look at your diet and exercise routine.

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    Take an honest look at your diet. Write down everything you eat--including snacks--to make sure you are not consuming too many empty calories. The extra fat on the back and other areas of the body may be due to excess calories, particularly those containing saturated fat and sugary junk foods. Avoid white, starchy foods like white bread; substitute them with whole wheat products and brown rice. Eat lean proteins. Although you need to reduce calories, try staying somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 calories, depending on your current weight and level of activity.

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    Develop a strength-training regimen. Start with light weights or no weights; work your way up to heavier weights. Focus on all the muscles of the upper body; you can't spot reduce back fat. Push-ups work the muscles of the upper body including the fat that hangs over the bra. To target that area, do your push-ups with your hands flat on the floor pointed straight in front of you. Keep your arms close to the body. If you have access to a local gym, use their upper body exercise machines. Trained staff members will show you how to get an effective upper body workout. Try doing exercises that work both the upper and lower body. Do at three sets of each exercise, consisting of 8 to 12 repetitions, for 30 to 45 minutes.

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    Do Pilates. While Pilates has the reputation as an abdominal workout, it works the entire core, which includes the back. An exercise that focuses on the bra area of the back is swimming. You need to lie on your stomach with arms and legs outstretched as if you are swimming. Keep your palms facedown and toes pointed. Lift your legs and arms off the floor without arching the spine. Flap the opposite arm and opposite leg, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Do this along exercise with your Pilates routine twice a week.

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    Get an aerobic workout. You need to expend calories and burn fat in order to see the results of your strength training. Aerobic activities include biking, hiking, swimming, dancing and walking. Add hand weights to your walking routine to work the upper body. Kick-boxing, belly dancing and elliptical machines work the back while burning fat. Try circuit training workouts like The Firm, which combines cardio with strength training. Do aerobics at least 30 minutes three to five times a week.

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