How to Paint a Textured Ceiling Without Roller Marks

Updated February 21, 2017

Textured ceilings create a decorative look for what could be an otherwise mundane room, and painting the textured material can add even more life and vitality. The uneven texture on the ceiling, however, often results in noticeable paint roller marks when the colour dries. To avoid ruining the look of your ceiling with these unsightly marks, use a split foam roller, which spreads out around the textured pieces to fill all areas without leaving marks or gaps.

Remove all furniture from the room and cover all areas beneath the ceiling with protective plastic sheeting. Any excess paint will drip from the ceiling as it dries, so you must protect your room.

Pour your chosen paint into a rolling pan, mixing with thinner as necessary. The need to mix will vary by your paint product, so be sure to follow all product instructions carefully.

Roll your split foam roller into the paint, and the wipe off any excess on the flat part of the rolling pan. Do not overload your roller, as this will simply cause more dripping.

Roll the paint over the textured ceiling in smooth, even lines. When you move to the next line, overlap your previous line by ½- to ¾-inch to help cover up the roll lines. Continue, refilling your roller as necessary, until you have covered the ceiling completely in one direction. Allow the paint to dry completely (drying time will vary by product).

Apply a second coat of paint to your ceiling with your split foam roller. Work in a perpendicular direction to your first coat, and remember to overlap your painting lines. Allow the second coat to dry and inspect your work. Spot paint any remaining roller marks lightly with a paintbrush.


You can also spray-paint your ceiling with an airless sprayer to avoid leaving roller marks. Find painting supplies, including the split foam roller covering, at hardware and home improvement stores as well as painting supply retailers.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Paint
  • Rolling pan
  • Paint roller with split foam roller head
  • Paintbrush
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