How to Make Puffy Paint Dry Faster

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Painting with puffy paint can be a great craft idea for children, as it gives a pleasing three-dimensional aspect to any painting. If you are working in a short space of time, then waiting for the puffy paint to dry can be a luxury you don't have. However, there are some simple steps you can take at home or in the classroom which will make the puffy paint dry faster, meaning your craft projects can move along faster.

Place the completed paintings in the direct sunlight, or at least near an open window, which will help to air the paint and speed up the drying process. Essentially, drying involves removing moisture from the puffy paint, so placing it somewhere with a steady air flow will make the puffy paint dry faster than in a still area.

Use a hairdryer on its lowest setting. Puffy paint will lose much of its texture if it is faced with high heat, so hold the hairdryer at least 6 inches from the painting and gently move the hairdryer around it, drying it evenly. If the puffy paint begins to show signs of losing its texture, move the hairdryer further away or cease using it completely.

Place the paintings in a linen closet if you have one. This will provide a nice warm area that will allow the puffy paint to dry much faster than normal. Place the paintings on a piece of newspaper to protect any linen, and ensure that the paintings are level. After two or three hours, the paint should be dry.

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