How to Make the Loop in Hot Wheels Track Pack

Updated February 21, 2017

Hot Wheels toys by Mattel have been enjoyed by children since they were introduced in 1968. Tracks for Hot Wheels die-cast cars are sold in sets ranging from very simple to very complex, some with moving parts requiring batteries. The Hot Wheels Track Pack is one of the more basic starter track sets, containing several pieces of classic track and plastic connectors, as well as a clamp for attaching to furniture, curved track pieces, a car launcher, a car jump and hardware that enables you to make a loop for your cars to run through.

Place loop base on the floor. If the floor is a smooth surface, tape the base into place. On a carpeted surface, use books on each end to brace the base.

Connect two pieces of track using the curved loop connector.

Attach one end of the connected track to one sloped connector end of the loop base.

Attach the other end of the connected track to the other sloped connector end of the loop base, looping the track to make the connection.

Attach a track piece to each flat connector end of the loop base.

Attach other Hot Wheels track and accessories as desired.


Use a C-clamp to attach one end of your track to furniture about 36 inches in height to create a hill or use your loop with a Hot Wheels Car Launcher.

Things You'll Need

  • Loop base
  • Loop connector
  • 4 12-inch pieces of track
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