How to Make "Three Little Pigs" Puppets

Updated July 20, 2017

Using puppets in the classroom is an effective way to teach. They engage students in the lesson by making it fun, and they can be used in any subject matter. Gerald the Germ can be used in a lesson on hygiene, and Chrissy Columbo can be used to teach a lesson on Christopher Columbus. Children's literature gives the teacher a wonderful opportunity to use puppets in a dramatic retelling of the story. Making a puppet is fun, simple, and inexpensive. Perfect for busy teachers who have little time and an overstretched budget.

Take two pieces of 9-by-12 inch fabric and place them together evenly and flat on the table.

Place the pattern of the puppet onto the material and trace it with a permanent marker.

Pin the fabric together by the pattern's head and arms with safety pins. Cut the pattern along the lines, making sure that you cut on top of the line so as to leave it fully intact. You will need it to follow along with the sewing.

Take a needle and thread it with a 12-inch string until it is 6 inches on each side of the needle. Knot the thread.

Sew along the edges using an overcast stitch. Stick the needle under the marker line, pull the needle through, up, over, and back again. Do this until the only open area you have is the bottom, where you will stick your hand.

Draw in the pig's features with the fine-tipped markers.


You can decorate the puppets with felt pieces shaped as bow ties, hats, whatever you wish.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 9-by-12 inch pieces of fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Markers of various colours, fine-tipped
  • Permanent marker of a colour that coordinates with the fabric
  • Pattern of hand puppet with pig shaped head
  • Safety pins
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