Directions for Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set

Updated April 11, 2017

The well-known children's book "Thomas the Tank Engine" has been reconstituted in many forms, including a TV program, toys, and apparel. The Tomy company, based in the United Kingdom, manufactures a series of Thomas-themed train sets. The train set requires some assembly before it can be used, and runs on "AA" batteries, which are not included. The manufacturer recommends supervising children using the train set to avoid injury.

Open the train battery compartment by pulling down the middle wheels of the train. Once opened, insert the batteries correctly, seating the positive and negative ends in the correct place.

Link the cars of the train together, starting with the engine.

Join the pieces of track in the following order: one short straight piece, four curved pieces, one long straight piece, and four more curved pieces. The completed track will be oval-shaped.

Seat the train on the track. Activate the "on" switch on the engine.


Follow the guidelines for battery usage. The train set uses "AA" batteries. Do not try to recharge non-chargeable batteries, and do not mix different types of batteries. Take out the batteries during extended periods of non-use.

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