How to Adjust the Pop Up Cables on a Coleman

Updated April 17, 2017

Camping trailers come in many shapes and sizes designed to maximise space. The Coleman line of pop up camping trailers have systems which raise or "pop up" the roof, using a series of cables and a crank. Coleman says the system is "maintenance free," but if the cables appear to require adjustment, they may be misaligned or require lubrication or replacement. By examining the mechanism and using the proper maintenance techniques, you can adjust the pop up cables on a Coleman trailer.

Spray the crank wheel, chain linkage and driveshaft wheel of the crank assembly at the front of the trailer with a silicone spray lubricant.

Spray the threaded rod and distribution block in the middle of the trailer's underside with a silicone spray lubricant.

Spray all four pop up mechanisms in the corners of the trailer with silicone spray lubricant.

Raise and lower the pop up mechanisms by cranking the crank clockwise and counter-clockwise through its full range of movement.

Check to see if any one of the pop up mechanisms is uneven with the others. This will indicate a broken or improperly-sized cable.

Lower the pop up mechanisms to their lowest position with the crank handle.

Slide any cables that have fallen off the pulleys in the pop up mechanisms back onto the pulleys.

Detach any cable that requires replacement from the distribution block and the bracket of its pop up mechanisms, and pull the cable from the body of the Coleman.

Attach the replacement cable to the distribution block, thread it beneath the body of the Coleman over the pulleys into its corresponding pop up mechanism and secure it to the bracket in the pop up mechanism.

Lubricate the replacement cables with silicone spray lubricant.

Crank the Coleman pop up through its full range of movement to test the replacement cable or cables.

Things You'll Need

  • Silicone spray lubricant
  • Cable repair kit
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