How to Smooth a Synthetic Wig

Updated April 17, 2017

For the most part, caring for a synthetic wig is very easy. The fibres are moulded in place and, therefore, the wigs will not fall flat as wigs of natural fibres can, though synthetic wigs can become roughed, giving the wig a scraggly appearance. Smoothing the wig is fairly easy, however. This process can be accomplished with or without first washing the wig. If you decide to wash the wig, however, ensure that it is completely dry before you begin smoothing it, as excessive moisture can weaken the fibres.

Spritz the wig with the conditioner and gently brush it through the strands, using either a comb or your fingers. Avoid using brushes designed for human hair, as wigs are fragile and must be styled with special tools. Conditioner helps keep the wig hydrated and soft, preventing frizz, static electricity, and snags from spoiling its appearance.

Apply a few light spritzes of wig mousse to the wig, gently working the product through from root to tip. This helps to add body to the wig while sealing the strands, which prevents roughing of the fibres. If parts of the wig still look coarse, spray a bit of conditioner onto your hands and gently smooth it over the places that need it.

Style the wig as normal. However, do not brush the wig if it is curly; most curly wigs can be gently shaken out in order to restore their bouce. Keep in mind that synthetic wigs must not be exposed to heat, as styling irons and rollers may damage the strands. Therefore, rely on wig brushes and wig-specific hairspray to create your look.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray-in wig conditioner
  • Wig brush or comb
  • Liquid wig mousse
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