How to make aluminum beer bottle wind chimes

Updated April 17, 2017

Wind chimes are a popular decoration item. Some people also believe them to have spiritual healing properties. They look attractive in patios, windows, door frames or almost anywhere around the house. You can easily recycle empty beer bottles to craft one kind of wind chime.

Measure a diameter of 5 inches on the cardboard. Carefully cut out the circle using scissors. Trim the sides neatly, if needed.

Mark the centre of the circle and four points spaced evenly around the outer edge. Use the needle to make small holes. Leave at least 1/2 inch space from the circle edge.

Measure the nylon fishing line to your desired hanging length and thread it through the centre hole in the circle. Tie a curtain ring on top that will be used for hanging the wind chimes. Tie another curtain ring on the other end, below the cardboard circle.

Use the centre line length as reference. Double it and cut out four more lengths of nylon fishing line. For example, if the centre line measures 8 inches, the rest should measure around 16 inches.

Thread each of the pieces of nylon fishing line through the four respective holes and tie knots on top of the circle. Secure the knots with clear tape.

Wash and dry the empty beer bottles thoroughly. Mark a point just below the bottle opening and make a small hole using the needle. Make another hole adjacent to the previous one. Make similar holes in all bottles.

Thread the fishing line through the two holes in the bottle neck so that the bottle is positioned in the centre of the wire.

Pull the double lines through the holes in the cardboard and tie a knot on the top. Secure with tape. Repeat the step for the rest of the bottle lines so all of them are tied around the circular hanger. Adjust the hanging heights of the bottles before taping the knots.

Measure and cut out a piece of fishing line so that it hangs from the cardboard hanger and hits the centre of the hanging bottles.

Tie this line to the curtain ring just below the cardboard circle and secure the third curtain ring to its end. This will create the musical sound when it will strike the bottles around it.


You can also tie the fishing line around the beer bottle necks instead of making holes through their necks. To add a little colour, you can thread chunky beads through the fish wires. Wrap macrame string around the lower ends of the beer bottles to make the wind chimes more attractive.


Be careful when cutting the cardboard and piercing holes for this project.

Things You'll Need

  • Thick cardboard sheet
  • Inch tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Nylon fishing line
  • Clear tape
  • 4 empty aluminium beer bottles
  • 3 curtain rings
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