How to Troubleshoot a Sony Handycam Camcorder

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony continues to grow as an international leader in technology and entertainment for professionals and consumers. Producing a wide range of camcorders, Sony created the compact Handycam camcorder with a touch-screen LCD to help you make effortless recordings for almost any occasion. Now that you have used your Sony Handycam, you may have questions or perhaps encountered some problems. Troubleshooting your Sony Handycam camcorder helps you handle anything that could go wrong, saving you time.

Attach a charged battery pack to your Sony Handycam if the power will not turn on. Turn the power switch counterclockwise to the "Off" position, then slide the battery pack up, underneath the eyecup, until you hear it click into place. Turn the power switch clockwise to the "On" position. Use only the InfoLithium battery pack (H series) for your Sony Handycam.

Wait a few seconds after turning on your camcorder if it will not operate after turning your Handycam to the "On" position -- this is normal. If your Sony Handycam still will not operate while in the "On" position, remove the battery pack or unplug the AC adaptor from the electrical wall outlet, wait one minute, then reconnect the AC adaptor or reattach the battery pack. Press the "Reset" button with a sharp, pointy object, such as a ballpoint pen, if your camcorder continues not to function. Locate the Reset button by opening the LCD screen, then looking on the inside of the camcorder just to the lower right of the LCD screen. All of your settings will also be reset, including the clock setting.

Close the LCD panel if you do not see an image in the viewfinder. The viewfinder will not display an image with the LCD panel open. Pull out the viewfinder, located directly above the battery pack, and adjust the lens until you get a clear image by moving the adjustment lever up or down on the left side of the viewfinder.

Turn your camcorder off if the recording abruptly stops. This means your camcorder has an extremely high temperature or it has moisture condensation. Moisture condensation can happen when you take your camcorder from a warm place to a cold area or vice versa, causing moisture to appear inside your camcorder and possibly causing a malfunction. Place your Sony Handycam in a cool location for about one hour.

Open the LCD screen and turn up the volume, if necessary, if you do not hear a sound during playback of your recording or if you hear a low sound. A closed LCD screen prevents the output of sound.


Clean the exterior of your Sony Handycam by disconnecting the unit from the wall outlet, and using only a cloth dampened with water. Do not use spray or liquid cleaners, since these cleaners can damage the exterior.


Do not let your Sony Handycam get wet, whether you have it at the beach or out during a rainfall. Your camcorder can malfunction if it gets wet and could become irreparable. Do not use your camcorder in any extremely hot, humid or cold location. For instance, leaving your camcorder inside your car while it's parked in the sun may cause permanent damage to your Sony Handycam.

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