How to Weave an Easter Basket Out of Construction Paper

Updated April 17, 2017

A basket is one of the symbols of the Easter holiday, and is typically filled with painted eggs or rabbit-shaped candies. However, purchasing these baskets is an expense that you can forgo when you craft your own Easter basket using common items found around your home. Create an Easter basket made entirely from coloured construction paper to give to a loved one as an Easter present. Use two or more different colours of construction paper to colour-coordinate the basket with your home decor

Measure across the length of a sheet of construction paper, and at the top edge of the paper make marks with your pencil at 1-inch increments. Use a ruler and draw straight lines from your pencil marks to the opposite side at the bottom of the paper. Cut the strips along the lines and continue the process with as many colours of paper that you want for your basket.

Arrange 10 strips of a single colour, or multiple colours according to your basket design, on a flat surface so they appear to be a solid sheet. Take another strip and begin weaving; start at one end of the top where the edges of all 10 strips are located. Slide the strip in your hand underneath the end of the strip at the top and then below the strip next to the first one. Continue weaving in and out, until the strip in your hand is woven into all of the strips laid out on the flat surface.

Continue by weaving nine additional strips into the strips on the flat surface. Slide the strips so they are touching one another and this woven section is centred. This will leave a 1-inch unwoven space on all four sides of the mat.

Hold all of the ends of the strips on one side of the four-sided mat, gathering them together so they are in one stack. Staple or glue the strips together. Continue this process with the other three sides. This completes the bottom of the Easter basket.

Attach the end of a strip of paper on one side where you stapled or glued the strip ends together, and then attach the other end to the opposite side. Use staples or glue. Repeat with the other two sides. These will form a sturdy criss-crossed handle for your basket. Use the ribbon to form a bow, and tie onto the handle.


Glue silk or dried flowers, or glitter to the Easter basket for added flair. Add some fancy "Easter grass" inside your basket.

Things You'll Need

  • 15 to 20 sheets of heavyweight construction paper
  • Glue or staples
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
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