How to cancel an obb train ticket

Written by alizarin black | 13/05/2017

OBB is an Austrian railway system that allows you to travel by train or bus to or from Austria or the surrounding European countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Norway, and other European countries. You need a valid SCHULCard to cancel an OBB train ticket. You can only cancel your OBB train ticket if you did not use it and it is within 14 days since an OBB train ticket was issued to you and the trip was cancelled for bad weather and travelling on a later date.

Find your OBB train stick "cancellation label." You need this to cancel your OBB train ticket.

Write the reasons why you are cancelling your ticket on the cancellation label.

Send the unused OBB train ticket by mail to OBB AG (see Resources). This is the fare refund centre that handles cancelled tickets.


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