How to Remove Spring Loaded Door Hinge Pins

Spring loaded door hinges are used to ensure that a door automatically closes. The hinge is wound to adjust the tension of the spring inside of the hinge, which then closes the door. The tension required depends on the weight of the door and how quickly you would like it to close. Typically, only one hinge of the three hinges on the door will be spring loaded. If necessary, the spring-loaded hinge can be disabled at any time by simply removing the pin retaining the spring tension.

Close and latch the door.

Insert the hex wrench into the hex slot on the top of the spring-loaded door hinge.

Grasp the pin using the pliers.

Turn the hex wrench clockwise slightly to release the tension from the pin. Pull the pin out of the hole.

Remove the hex wrench from the hex slot, allowing the spring to naturally unwind.

Things You'll Need

  • Hex wrench
  • Pliers
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