How to Become a Wella Master Colorist

Updated March 23, 2017

Wella Professionals is a line of hair care and colouring products produced by Wella USA. Wella has a series of programs and certifications to train hairdressers how to use their products, especially their colouring products (Certified Wella Colorists, Certified Wella Expert Colorists, and Wella Master Colorists).

Earn your Certified Wella Colorist certificate. The requirements for this certificate include attending two hands-on workshops on basic hair colouring techniques and foiling. Wella and its partners host several workshops at various international locations every year where hair stylists can participate in these colourist certification workshops. The fees for workshops generally run from $200 to $400 dollars.

Earn your Certified Wella Expert Colorist certificate. Earning an Expert Colorist certificate requires attending three seminar/workshops in advanced hair colouring techniques, including colour correction and the latest fashion trends. Learning these new techniques, like the subtleties of shading and the fade over time involved in colour correction, will help you attract new clientele.

Attend a Wella Master Color Expert training seminar. For 2010, Wella offered a 10-day, hands-on seminar/workshop in Paris, where attendees learnt cutting-edge techniques from world-renowned hair dressers and colourists, and earned their Wella Master Colorist certificates upon completion. Prerequisites included basic and expert colourist certifications. Fees for the entire workshop totalled £1,527.


Network in the hairdresser community, both locally and nationally, as often as possible. Putting in the time and effort to get your Wella Master Colorist certificate is a good way to demonstrate your commitment to the craft.

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