How to Clean Mold Stains on a Wooden Door

Mold spores can start growing in one small area and slowly spread to other surfaces. Spores and stain on floors can spread to the walls and those stains can move on to your wooden door. If mould spores transfer to your hand when you touch the door you can end up depositing them elsewhere in the home where they can spread. Getting rid of the mould stains on your door is vital to preventing the mould from spreading.

Vacuum your wooden door using the upholstery attachment. This removes mould spores from the wood surface. Discard the vacuum bag after use to keep the mould spores from spreading onto other surfaces.

Mix 8 tbsp washing soda with 1 gallon warm water in a bucket. Protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves. Stir the mixture.

Dip a clean cloth or scrub brush in the washing soda solution. Scrub the surface of your wooden door to kill remaining mould and remove the accompanying stains and odours. Rinse your cloth or brush frequently before continuing to scrub until all the mould stains are gone.

Dampen a clean cloth with water. Wipe the surface of your wooden door to remove the washing soda solution and any lingering dirt or mould.

Pour a few capfuls of liquid soap for wood, such as an oil-based soap, into a gallon of warm water. Wash your door's surface with the soap mixture. Towel-dry the surface.


Clean doors, walls and other surfaces once each month to prevent mould growth and dirty surfaces. Run a dehumidifier in rooms that tend to be humid. Removing excess moisture from the air inhibits mould growth.


If mould has grown beneath the paint or finish on a wood door you will have to strip the paint or finish before removing the mould. When you repaint the surface, use a mildew-resistant paint.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • 8 tbsp washing soda
  • Rubber gloves
  • Clean cloths
  • Scrub brush
  • Mild wood soap
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