Microwave Browning Dish Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A microwave browning dish is a piece of cookware that absorbs heat when you preheat it in the microwave. You then place food items in the dish and the preheated surface sears or browns them. The foods can fully cook in the microwave browning dish. The dishes are convenient to use, but do become extremely hot during the cooking process.

Put the browning dish in the microwave. Take off the lid and set it aside.

Consult the cooking chart that came with the browning dish to find out how long you need to preheat the dish. The time will vary with your brand of dish, the size and the food you are preparing. Preheat the dish on high heat for the recommended time.

Place the food items in the browning dish after the preheating time. Use cooking tongs to put the food in the dish, as the dish will be hot to the touch. Place the lid on the dish and microwave the food for the recommended cooking time.

Wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes into the cooking time. Open the microwave door, remove the lid from the dish, and turn the food with the cooking tongs to brown the other side. Replace the lid and resume cooking.

Remove the browning dish from the microwave while wearing oven gloves. Place the dish onto an oven burner, or a trivet.

Things You'll Need

  • Cooking tongs
  • Food items
  • Oven glove
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