How to Decorate a Wicker Basket for a Baby Shower

Updated April 17, 2017

A wicker basket is a basket woven from natural fibres. Wicker baskets can be used as practical containers for everything from "soup to nuts." Wicker baskets can also be used as shopping baskets, as gifts filled with an assortment of items, such as baby supplies, or as a centrepiece for a baby shower. To decorate a wicker basket for a baby shower, consider texture, colour and those things that make you think "baby."

Choose soft, pastel colours when decorating the wicker basket. Colours chosen for your baby shower wicker basket depend on several factors, one of which is the baby's gender. If the gender is unknown, you can go with a combination of pink and blue, or soft green and yellow. You can choose a coloured basket or one with a natural tone.

Wrap a wide ribbon, in the primary colour you've chosen, around the wicker basket. Add a large bow in either the same colour or a complementary hue. Wrap the handles of the basket with twisted ribbon. Use large baby safety pins to secure the ends of the ribbon to the basket's handles. Hang a pacifier from the centre of the handle.

Fill the wicker basket with baby items. These may include diapers, ointment, powder, bibs, baby clothes and teething rings. Don't just toss the items into the basket. Layer the items creatively with the colourful items on top.


Wrap each item separately and put the gifts inside the wicker basket. As an activity, have the expectant mother hold up each package and ask guests to guess the item.

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