How to Make Red Violet Color Paint

Updated July 19, 2017

Mixing your own paint colours is a simple way to customise the colours you have to fit your needs. By looking at a colour wheel, it is easy to determine what combination of colours is needed to create the desired hue. Red violet is located between violet and red on the colour wheel, meaning that combining these two shades will create red violet.

Place enough red paint for your project on the paint palette.

Add a small amount of violet paint to the red and mix thoroughly with a paint brush or mixing stick.

Add more violet paint to the red, mixing as you go, until you reach the desired shade of red violet.


If you don't have violet paint, you can make some by combining red and blue. Red violet can be made by adding greater amounts of red to blue. You can adjust the value of the paint by adding white or black to make it lighter or darker.

Things You'll Need

  • Violet paint
  • Red paint
  • Paint palette
  • Paint brush or mixing stick
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