How to Make Bic Lighters Refillable

Updated November 21, 2016

Lighters are cheap items, however it might seem like a waste to have dozens of empty lighters lying around the house when it's possible to refill them quite easily. By refilling plastic lighters and reusing, you're also helping the environment by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste your household produces. Bic lighters are a well known manufacturer of lighters, by following a few simple steps it's possible to reuse them over and over again.

Take the metal casing off the top part of the lighter. Cover this area with your hand so as not to lose any small parts and remove the spring wheel.

Take off the button and the ring attached to the gas valve.

Undo the valve with the pliers and remove it, along with the tube that is under the valve.

Take the stem of the butane fuel container and stick it inside the lighter. While holding the lighter upside down, fill it with gas. This might take a couple of minutes. It should be upside down to avoid air getting inside.

Put parts back in to the lighter where they belong, make sure everything is attached firmly. Use pliers to screw parts in if necessary.

Check to ensure the lighter works. If it doesn't, try refilling it again. It may be that one of the parts isn't screwed on properly.


When taking parts of the lighter, do it in a place where you're unlikely to lose any of the smaller parts should they fly off, such as over a box or table. Refill your lighter away from any open flames. Don't refill your lighter immediately after using it, allow the metal casing to cool off first. Buy premium butane fuel for best results. Impure fuel can cause the lighter to clog.

Things You'll Need

  • Bic lighter
  • Pliers
  • Butane fuel
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