How to Find a VPI Number

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Find a VPI Number
You can access the Internet with a high-speed modem. (dial up modem image by timur1970 from

When using a high-speed Internet connection at home or in the office, all Internet providers have different coding associated with the connection. This includes the VPI and VCI. Depending on your actual location in the United States, the VPI (and the VCI, but that is another matter) is almost always the same. However, if you are unsure and are curious as to what the VPI number is, there is a way to find out that only takes a few minutes to perform.

Power on the modem and look on the bottom of the device. Listed is an HTTP address.

Type the full address into the URL bar of your Internet browser and press "Enter." The browser now loads all information associated with your current Internet connection.

Scroll down the listing. There is a large series of numbers and different settings you don't need to worry about. However, one of the settings is listed as "VPI." The number next to it is the current VPI number in use. Typically it is either a 0 or 8 (8 is used in the southeastern United States).

Exit out of the Internet browser after you have located the VPI number.

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