How to Repair a GE Range Oven Door Handle

GE Profile is General Electric's line of consumer kitchen appliances, consisting of refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, cooktops and ranges. There are many models of GE Profile ranges, available in both gas and electric, and with one or two oven cavities. The oven on a GE Profile range has a handle that runs horizontally on the top of the oven. Because the oven handle bears the brunt of the weight of the oven door, it may break or loosen after regular use. If your GE Profile oven door handle is loose or broken, it can be easily tightened or replaced.

Open the door to the grill-stop position.

Tighten the two oven-handle Torx screws at the top of the inside-panel of the oven door if the oven door is loose.

Remove the two oven-handle Torx screws to remove the oven door handle. Place one hand on the oven door handle so that the handle does not fall.

Align the new door handle with the door handle holes on the oven door, then insert the Torx screws into the screw holes on the door and into the door handle.

Tighten the screws, using the Torx driver to complete the installation of the oven door handle.


Allow the oven to cool before servicing if it is hot.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx driver
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