How to Send a Wireless TV Signal From the Aerial

Updated February 21, 2017

Using a wireless TV transmitter and receiver system streamlines any home entertainment centre. Typically, peripheral devices like cable boxes and DVD players are physically connected to the TV via cables. When those devices are connected to a wireless TV transmitter, all audio and video data are transmitted wirelessly to the TV, eliminating the need to clutter your entertainment system with a multitude of cables. A wireless transmitter can be connected to a coaxial outlet on one side of a room and send signals to a TV on the other, without running cable across the span.

Attach the coaxial cable from the wall cable outlet to the coaxial input on the wireless transmitter. The coaxial connector can be attached by hand and made snug by turning the loose nut at the end clockwise until it will not tighten any more.

Attach the output cable from the wireless receiver to the TV. Different types of wireless receivers connect to the TV using various cables, such as RCA, coaxial and the like.

Test the system by running a channel scan on the TV. If you receive all the cable channels to which you subscribe, you have successfully installed the wireless system.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless TV tuner kit or wireless transmitter with a coaxial/aerial input
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