How to Fish With the Instant Fisherman

Written by eric cedric | 13/05/2017

The Instant Fisherman kit contains everything needed to begin fishing, except bait. The unit includes lures, hooks and various tackle pieces. Instant Fisherman claims to be strong enough to catch even sharks. The little device uses telescoping rod pieces that extend depending on the species you fish. Designed to be used straight out of the box, the Instant Fisherman has a small learning curve.

Open the storage bag and wrap the undone bag around your waist, tackle side out. Lock the hook-and-loop straps together to keep it snug on the body. Remove the Instant Fisherman rod and reel and pull the rod off the rubber gasket. Snap the rod into the reel by pushing the rod up and over the reel on the pivot. Listen for the click indicating it has locked into position.

Pull the rod up and out from the reel so it telescopes to the open position. Select your lure or hook and tie it to the end of the fishing line using a Palomar knot. Add bait to the hook if bait fishing.

Bring the Instant Fisherman up and over your shoulder and press the cast bail button in the centre of the reel with your thumb. Snap the reel and rod in front of your body, letting the lure or baited hook sail through the air to the water. Turn the handle reel clockwise when the lure-hook hits the water. This releases the cast bail and allows the retrieve.

Turn the reel clockwise to retrieve the lure or hook. Pull back quickly and hard upon feeling a fish strike on the line. This sets the hook into the fish's lip.

Adjust the reel's drag by pushing the dial either forward to tighten or backward to loosen.

Remove the lure or hook when finished fishing for the day and place it back into the tackle belt-bag. Push the rod pole back into itself and push the reel pivot button to release the rod from the reel. Push the pivot so the rod goes up and over the reel and place it back in the rubber gasket.

Things you need

  • Bait

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