Make Your Own Soda Blaster

Updated July 20, 2017

Soda blasters use compressed air and baking soda to clean dirt, grime and gunk off surfaces. Today, using chemicals are out, blasting is in. From food-processing industries to graffiti removal, there are hundreds of uses for soda blasters. Why are soda blasters so important? Because many cleaners have been banned or classified as unsafe. Build a soda blaster out of materials found at a local hardware store. Then, find things around the house, garage and yard to clean like a stove, garage floor or lawnmower.

Measuring two inches from one end of vinyl hose and mark it with a black marker.

Use box knife to cut across the mark on one side of the vinyl hose. It needs to be large enough to slip the air gun attachment's wand into the hose.

Push the air gun attachment's wand into the hose about a 1/2-inch.

Wrap three inches of masking tape, 1/2-inch from the cut to secure the hose to the wand.

Hold the opposite end of vinyl hose cutting a 45-degree angle to allow better flow of baking soda into the hose.

Lay the dowel along the length of hose you cut. Wrap two or three pieces of masking tape around the dowel and hose, binding them together. This will keep the hose inside the baking soda box while in use.

Set the dowel end of hose into the baking soda box. Attach the air compressor to begin soda blasting.


Using a larger air compressor will force more air through the hose, producing better results. Airflow is measured in cubic feet per-minute (CFM) and the greater the flow, the greater the power. Setting the air wand into the cut hose will create a venturi effect inside the hose causing the soda to be pulled from its box by low pressure. It will then mix with the high pressure coming out of the air gun attachment's wand creating a blasting effect.


Using compressed air is dangerous. Read all safety manuals and adhere to those instructions. Always wear personal protective equipment when using compressed air. The use of baking soda in a confined space will create a dusty environment. It is best to use in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Air gun attachment
  • Clear vinyl hose, 7/16th" x 2'
  • 1' of wood dowel
  • 1.81kg. box of baking soda
  • Small roll of masking tape
  • Box knife
  • Black marker
  • Air compressor, 10 - 25-gallon
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