My pressure cooker lid is stuck

Updated February 21, 2017

A pressure cooker is a small appliance that allows you to cook foods much faster than traditional methods and by using less water. After the food is finished cooking, open the pressure cooker by pressing the release valve. If the cooker doesn't open, you may need to utilise other methods to release the stuck lid.

Remove the pressure cooker from the heat source and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Place the pressure cooker in a sink and run cold water over the lid. This will cool down the contents and release the pressure trapped inside.

Place the pressure cooker in a sink or bucket filled with ice water, alternatively. This will help to further cool down the contents of the pressure cooker. Attempt to open once more.

Reheat the pressure cooker to force out any air that may be trapped if you are still unsuccessful. The air will escape in the form of steam. Try opening it again. If it still doesn't open, repeat the cooling methods.

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