How to Clean Ford Diesel Injectors

Updated February 21, 2017

Diesel engines are known for their fuel mileage and pulling power. This makes them very popular with truck owners. The diesel fuel injectors can suffer from the same issues that plague regular gasoline injectors, such as hydrocarbon build-up. Hydrocarbons can accumulate and lower the injectors' ability to lubricate and negatively affect vehicle performance. Cleaning and maintaining the injectors can be done by using the correct fuel type, selecting the best additives and gentle cleaning if necessary.

Use a diesel fuel additive to run through the system. Read the owner's manual of your vehicle beforehand as some manufacturers do not recommend using any additives in the system. If you use an additive, make sure that it is for diesel engines.

Fill your vehicle with only good quality diesel fuel. If your vehicle uses #2 diesel fuel, it may not be necessary to remove the injectors for cleaning. Using quality diesel and additives should be enough to maintain clean injectors.

Depressurise the fuel system before removing the injectors. Typically, there is a cut-off switch located in the cab of the vehicle above the parking brake. Start the engine then use a screwdriver to engage the switch. After a few moments, the engine will die.

Remove the injectors by first removing the valve cover bolts then the CAC tube. Once the valve cover is off, remove the wiring to the glow plug module and ICP sensor. Use a torque wrench to remove the standpipe and oil rail. The injectors can then be accessed and removed with the torque wrench.

Clean the injectors with brake cleaner. Perform a general cleaning of the injectors with a nylon or injector brush. Clean off any excess gunk on the injectors. Do not use wire brushes or try to scrub the injectors as they can be easily damaged if not handled carefully.


Do not use Seafoam to clean the injectors because its concentration is too high.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel additive
  • #2 diesel fuel
  • Torque wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Brake cleaner
  • Injector or nylon brush
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