Kindle won't shut off

Updated April 17, 2017

The Kindle, developed by Amazon, is an e-book reader that allows the user to purchase downloadable books and view them on its display screen. If your Kindle freezes and will not turn off, you can reset the device to restore it to proper working order.

Use your Kindle's keyboard to reset the device. Hold down the SHIFT and ALT keys, then press the "R" key.

Perform a soft reset on the Kindle. Locate the reset button hole on the back of the device and insert a paper clip gently into the hole to press the reset button.

Unplug your Kindle if it is charging and remove the battery. Press the power button, and then reinstall the battery.


Make sure your Kindle is fully charged before resetting it to ensure that the reset works properly.


Removing the battery while the Kindle is plugged into the charger can damage its electronic components.

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