How to Safely Store Homemade Ginger Beer

Updated April 17, 2017

Ginger beer has long been a popular homemade brew in American homes, according to The New York Times. Basic ginger beer is made of up fresh ginger, sugar, lime or lemons, yeast and water, and sometimes cream of tartar, although recipes can vary greatly due to preference. Ginger beer is slightly alcoholic, so you may not want to serve it to non-drinkers and children. Methods for brewing and storing vary, but to safely store the carbonated ginger beer you should always use plastic bottles.

Pour the freshly made ginger beer mixture into clean plastic bottle. An old juice or gallon milk bottle will do. Use as many bottles as you need to store all the ginger beer you made. Do not fill the bottles up all the way to the top. The yeast in the ginger beer produces pressure in the bottle very quickly as it carbonates itself, so it needs some space to expand.

Cap the bottles loosely. To prevent ginger beer from building up too much pressure and overflowing when you open the bottle, leave the cap loose so that pressure can release during the fermentation process. Some recipes recommend capping the bottle tightly and slowly releasing the pressure every so often. Use whatever method works best for you.

Store the ginger beer in a dark area at room temperature. In order for the yeast to continue to ferment and carbonate the ginger beer, it needs to be stored at room temperature. Yeast thrives in dark and warm places. Depending upon how alcoholic you want your ginger beer to be, store the ginger beer for anywhere between 24 hours and a week.

Place the fermented ginger beer in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process. The refrigerated ginger beer can be enjoyed for up to a week.


Everything that comes into contact with the ginger beer--including all equipment and your hands--should be clean.


Do not store the ginger beer in glass bottles during the fermentation process because the pressure that builds up could cause the glass bottle to explode. If you want to present your ginger beer in glass bottles, wait until after you have refrigerated it and stopped the fermentation process.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean plastic bottles (any size)
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