How to Decorate Coving

Updated February 21, 2017

Known by many monikers, including crown moulding, plaster cornice or cornicing, you'll find the artistic style of "coving" by looking up. Used to mask the point where a wall meets the ceiling (or, occasionally, where two walls come together at a ceiling), coving materials range from inexpensive plastic to hefty, solid marble. Once coving is installed, however, you're not tied to its appearance. Decorate it for a day or permanently, and have all of your coving bases covered.

Position a stepladder in the upper left corner of the room, either resting against the wall where the coving starts or anchored firmly on a solid floor surface.

Transform plain white or beige coving into a themed room border without the commitment of a real paint job using crepe paper. The width of most party supply store rolls of crepe paper (available in almost every possible colour) is ideal for wrapping around the coving.

Tape the end of a roll of crepe paper to the upper left corner of the room. Gently unroll the crepe paper and apply the paper's length to the coving around the room, taping the backside of the paper to the coving with clear plastic tape as you work.

Press the tape gently to the coving so it doesn't peel off the coving's paint upon removal. Smooth any bumps or bubbles with your fingers, taking care not to tear the fragile paper.

Give the room a permanent overhaul by selecting a paint colour for the coving that contrasts with the ceiling and wall paint. This will make the coving stand out instead of blend in.

Tape off the areas of the ceiling where it meets the coving, which is probably a straight line, and the areas where the walls meet the coving; with decorative, ornate coving, this may require a bit of handiwork.

Add a bit of paint sparkle (available at both paint and hardware stores) to the can of paint and mix the liquid with a wooden stick.

Apply a coat of paint to the coving with a paintbrush, using short brush strokes and working carefully around the room. Let the paint dry.

Add additional coats as desired and finish with a gloss or shine coat for a decorative coving appearance.


Purchase crepe paper in the colour of favourite sports team to match a sports party or use holiday-themed paper.


Because coving is located at the ceiling level, decorating it can be a dangerous job. Ask at least one other person to help with the job to serve as a spotter while you're on the ladder and to hand you items instead of you carrying them up and down. A second person can also help give you perspective on your coving decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Crepe paper
  • Clear plastic tape
  • Masking tape
  • Paint sparkle
  • Paint
  • Wooden paint mixer
  • Paintbrush
  • Gloss
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