How to Use Bose Headphones With Glasses

Bose produces audio devices including a variety of headphones. Some Bose headphone models are "full headphones" that go over the head and have padding that covers much of the ears. For individuals with glasses, either corrective eyewear or protective eyewear, this can cause uncomfortable pressure on the ears and the head from the glasses' straps or frame arms. Fortunately you can make small adjustments to minimise discomfort and ensure that both headphones and glasses stay in place.

Position the glasses on your head so that you can see clearly and comfortably out of them. The glasses frame arms should sit just above the top of the ear, some may hook over the back of the ear slightly. For glasses such as safety goggle glasses ensure the strap is securely around your head, the strap should not cover your ears or touch the top of the ears as this may interfere with the headphone placement.

Place the Bose headphones on your head. The over-the-ear headphones should cover most, if not all, of your ear.

Carefully adjust your glasses if the frame arms feel tight against your head due to the headphones. Move the strap up slightly if there is a strap, to prevent pinching the top of the ear under the headphones.

Use the headphone's adjustable sliders on each headphone to contract or extend the length of each headphone support arm. You may need to reposition the headphones and repeat the adjustment multiple times to get the right fit so the glasses do not feel tight or squeezed.


Always put your glasses on before putting on the full headphones to prevent jamming the ends of the glasses frames into the headphones causing potential damage to the frames and the headphones. Consider using Bose earbuds or in-ear headphones if the discomfort from the full headphones over the glasses is too noticeable.

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