How to Locate the EGR Valve on a Ford Ranger 2.5 Liter

Updated February 21, 2017

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve in your Ford Ranger is part of the emissions control system. The EGR valve's purpose is to circulate exhaust gases back into your engine's combustion chambers, which works to lower engine temperatures and reduce Nitrogen emissions from your 2.5 litre engine. The EGR valve in vehicles often becomes clogged by carbon build-up and other debris during the lifetime of your vehicle. A clogged EGR valve will make your Ranger run poorly, idle badly and it may even cause it to stall out. Fortunately you can replace the EGR valve in your Ranger fairly simply once you locate it.

Open the bonnet of your Ford Ranger. You will have to release the hood latch on the inside as well as press down on the lever between the hood and grille to get it completely open.

Locate your upper intake manifold. It will be towards the back of your engine. The upper intake manifold is essentially an air chamber which connects to the lower intake manifold through the throttle body. The lower intake manifold contains your fuel injectors.

Locate the small cylindrical assembly that is bolted to the side of your upper intake manifold. This is your EGR valve and its related components. You will be able to see the manifold tube connecting to the EGR valve on one side and the exhaust manifold on the other.


Before attempting to remove the sensor, you should disconnect the Ranger's negative battery cable. You will also need to disconnect the wiring harness from the EGR valve.


Always take proper safety precautions when working with a vehicle.

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