How to cut logs on a table saw

Updated February 21, 2017

While a table saw's primary purpose is cutting finished lumber, if used carefully it can be used for cutting logs. You may wish to use your table saw as a mini-sawmill or you may need to cut some firewood. However, using a table saw to cut logs limits you in the size of log you can cut, as most table saws have only a 10-inch blade.

Remove any guides or guards from the top of the table saw.

Raise the blade of the saw as high as possible so you can cut through the logs.

Put on work gloves. Logs can be rough to handle and can give you painful splinters.

Put goggles on to protect your eyes from sawdust and pieces of wood that may fly back during the cutting process.

Turn on the table saw.

Pick up a log and place it on the table saw. Keep the log away from the blade so it doesn't get kicked back.

Push the log into the running saw blade to make a cut. Use both hands on one side of the log and push it as evenly as possible with a firm grip.


When placing the log on the table saw, try to place the flattest side down on the cutting surface. For long logs it can be beneficial to have a partner to help load and push the logs. If logs are slightly too big for the saw cut, try cutting one side and flipping the log over and then cutting the other.


Do not attempt this if you are a novice with a table saw. Keep hands as far away from the blade of the saw as possible. Do not stand directly behind the saw in case the saw kicks the log back.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety goggles
  • Work gloves
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