How to Reset the Seats in a Mercedes ML320

Updated July 20, 2017

The Mercedes Benz ML 320 allows for the storage of three separate memory settings enabling the positioning of seats, steering wheel, mirrors and head restraints for a specific driver's comfort level. Some ML 320 models also come with a multi-contour seat option that allows adjustment for side and lumbar support, depth and height of seat backs and seat bases. While each of these adjustments can be made independently, following these simple steps will allow you to quickly program and reset your seats for the most personalised and comfortable ride.

Adjust the seat, mirrors, steering wheel and head restraint to the desired positions by using their individual adjustment controls. Check that your positions allow for sufficient control of the vehicle while driving as well as comfort.

Look at the base of the seat nearest the door and locate the memory storage control. The memory button will be marked with an "M" and is encircled on the top by three other buttons labelled "1", "2" and "3".

Push and release the memory "M" button.

Decide on which of the three numbered buttons will store settings and push the corresponding "1", "2" or "3" button within 3 seconds of pushing the "M" button. Repeat steps, if desired, for the two remaining memory settings.

Switch between individualised memory settings by selecting the corresponding numbered button and holding it until the stored position has completed moving.

Reset and change any previously stored memory settings by following steps one through three.


Movement will stop whenever the numbered button is released, so ensure you hold it until everything has finished moving to its stored positions.


Do not use the stored memory control buttons if the seat is in the reclined position as it may cause damage to the seats.

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