How to Update Phoenix ROM BIOS Plus 1.10 A02

Updated July 20, 2017

The BIOS is a basic operating system for a computer that controls all the components. After time, the BIOS may need to be upgraded for system optimisation or to add compatibility for new computer parts. The Phoenix ROM is a common BIOS found in many computers, and upgrading to version 1.10 A02 can be done in a few minutes by someone with little or no computer experience.

Navigate to the computer manufacturer's website. Locate the model number and enter it into the website to find any updates for the system. Search under the tab "BIOS" to find and download the Phoenix ROM plus upgrade version 1.10 A02. Save the file to the desktop for quick retrieval.

Open the "My Computer" menu and locate the floppy drive directory -- this is typically the A drive. Insert a floppy disk into the drive and wait for it to initialise. Copy and paste the BIOS file into the A drive directory to place a copy onto the floppy drive. Click "Start" and shut down the computer.

Press the power button after leaving the system off for approximately 10 seconds. Press any key when prompted by the computer to load the contents of the floppy drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to flash the old BIOS with version 1.10 A02. Restart the computer when prompted and boot normally.


Follow the directions while updating the BIOS through the self-installer. Do not restart or power off the computer during this process -- doing so may permanently damage the system.

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