How to Braid Oleander

Updated April 17, 2017

Oleander is an evergreen shrub which produces vibrantly coloured flowers. When oleanders are young, their trunks are flexible and can be braided together for an attractive effect. Braiding the tender trunks is simple, and once braided, the shrubs will continue to grow together with little maintenance. You will need three oleander plants to weave together. Once braided, the trunks will fuse or graft onto one another, creating a single braided trunk.

Plant the three oleander shrubs in a large pot. Choose plants that are young, with trunks less than 1-inch in diameter. At this stage, the trunks are pliable and easy to braid. Plant the shrubs as close as possible together and pack soil firmly around the base of the trunks to stabilise.

Remove any branches or twigs from the lower portions of the trunks since the lower branches will interfere with the braiding.

Insert a wooden stake into the centre of the oleander cluster. Press the stake down several inches into the soil to keep it firmly anchored.

Hold one of the oleander trunks with the stake. Stand above the oleander and gently cross the left-side trunk over the centre trunk and stake. Next, cross the right-side trunk over the centre.

Continue braiding up the trunks of the oleander until you have reached the bottom of the foliage. Keep the braid loose to avoid snapping or damaging the trunks.

Secure the end of the braid by wrapping garden twine around the trunks several times, then tying in a knot.


As the oleaders grow, braid the new growth together. Simply cross the trunks and braid in the same manner as before. Replace the stake with a taller one as the shrub grows.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 oleander plants
  • Large pot
  • Potting soil
  • Garden shears
  • Wooden stake
  • Twine
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