How to hide an exterior block wall

Block walls are commonly used in landscaping either to define a set space or to function as a retaining wall to stop erosion. While these walls definitely serve a purpose, they are not always made out of material that is pleasing to the eye. There are several techniques that can be used to hide an exterior block wall. These techniques range in price and difficulty level.

Use paint to help blend the exterior block wall into your yard. Often, block walls are made of breeze blocks that are light grey in colour. This grey stands out, especially among darker colours. Painting this block wall to match either the colour scheme of your house or to blend into the background is the cheapest and easiest way to hide it.

Plant a fast-growing vine on the block wall. Climbing plants offer homeowners an easy fix for unattractive outdoor features. Some vines, like nasturtium, have brightly coloured flowers that add beauty to a yard, while others, like ivy, simply offer cover. Choose the vine that is best suited to your climate and area and that offers the most coverage.

Add a flowering shrub line. Measure the length of your exterior block wall and pick a flowering shrub that will spread out appropriately. Popular choices for flowering shrubs include shrub roses that return every year and grow to approximately 3 to 5 feet tall. Most flowering shrubs will need to be planted approximately 3 to 5 feet apart to offer good coverage.

Plant a fast-growing evergreen shrub. For a year-round way to hide an exterior block wall, plant an evergreen shrub that will offer quick coverage. Dwarf conifers are an excellent choice and will offer thick cover for your wall.

Maintain your shrubs. Whether you have decided to plant a flowering shrub, an evergreen shrub or even a climbing plant, they will need regular maintenance. This includes watering, pruning when necessary and trimming to make sure that they don't grow too tall.

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