How to Pat Test a Computer

Updated March 21, 2017

A Portable Appliance Tester, or PAT, is a testing device for computers. Some countries mandate a PAT exam for all sorts of electrical equipment. The devices test the electrical health of equipment and help tell a company whether it should allocate resources to increase efficiency. If you are conducting a PAT test on your company's computer system, take the appropriate steps to make sure the computer network is not damaged during the testing.

Determine if it is time to have your systems tested. Depending on the amount of time and energy utilised by the company's computer system, you might want to have your computer system tested annually.

Contact your work safety administration. This administration is going to be different in each of the three countries where PAT exams are common. It is also important to contact your local office so that you can directly book an appointment with a PAT examiner.

Tell your staff about the PAT test. All personnel should save pertinent information and turn off their systems.

Unplug all personal computers. A PAT examiner must exam computers when they are turned off and unplugged.

Find the identification numbers on all personal computers. This ID number helps the examiner know the type of energy allocation the computer should have for effective energy use.

Plug the PAT into the outlet for each personal computer. This ensures that the power flow from the outlet is operating properly.

Plug the PAT into each computer system. This ensures the computer is utilising energy effectively.

Show the PAT examiner where the central computer hub is located. Since this system protects your company's computer information system, the PAT examiner can only do a visual check.


After a thorough investigation of all electrical and computer systems, the PAT examiner will give your office advice on better energy efficiency.

Things You'll Need

  • Portable Appliance Tester
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