How to Improve Concentration & Skill for Darts

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to improve your dart game, there are some common bad habits that you can learn to avoid. It's also important to concentrate on certain things, such as your stance and the position your body's in before and during your throw. Also, make sure that your body is entirely relaxed while playing darts; tensing your muscles or standing in an uncomfortable position will only work against you and lower your dart throwing accuracy. Practice will make your dart throws perfect and concentrate your energy on the right stance.

Maintain a steady stance, making sure to not lean over the line. While it sounds like it would make sense to lean over the line a bit to get closer to the dart board, this will actually destabilise your balance. Evenly distribute your weight between both of your feet. You can put one foot forward, but don't lean on it more than on your other foot.

Hold the dart straight, horizontal and level. Use three fingers to grip the dart firmly enough to keep it steady but not too tightly so that you're tensing your fingers. If your fingertips turn white, you're holding the dart too tightly. Most often, people will err on the side of gripping the dart too firmly, not too loosely. Spread the fingers out that you are not using; don't make a fist with them.

Aim at the dartboard; don't look at the dart as you're aiming or throwing.

Throw the dart, releasing your hand and fingers all at once, and following through with your arm toward the board after letting go of the dart.


People who have played darts for years, and who often put all their weight on one foot during their stance, complain of pain in their feet and legs. Keeping your legs firm and the rest of your body relaxed will prevent this problem. You don't need to throw the dart hard. The dartboard is most likely not far away from where you're standing. Even a light throw, if aimed and followed through correctly, will reach the dartboard and stick. Avoid spinning the dart as you release is. This usually occurs if your fingers are wrapped over the dart, causing the dart to roll off your fingers and spin towards the board.

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