How to Replace the Rear Windshield Wiper Blade on My RAV4

While all vehicles have front windshield wipers, some vehicles, such as the Toyota RAV4, also have rear windshield wipers. When the rear windshield wiper blade goes bad on your RAV4, it prevents the wiper from removing all the rain or snow from the back window, causing a reduction in visibility. You should replace the rear wiper blade on your RAV4 as soon as you notice that the wiper is no longer cleaning the window.

Lift the cap that covers the end of the wiper arm where it attaches to the back of the RAV4 just beneath the rear windshield. The cap can be lifted by rotating it a quarter turn clockwise, grasping it on the side nearest the wiper arm and pulling upward.

Pull the wiper arm up off the window until it catches and stands up on its own. Turn the wiper blade on the arm until it sits at a 90-degree angle to the arm, and then pull the blade straight off the arm.

Replace the wiper blade with a new wiper blade. To replace the blade, line the bracket of the blade up with the hook on the wiper blade arm and push the blade onto the arm, much in the same way that you removed the original blade. You should hear a click as the blade locks into place.

Lower the wiper arm so that the wiper blade lays flat against the rear windshield. If the blade doesn't lie flat, the blade has been installed incorrectly and you should pull the arm up again and reinstall the blade.


Some wiper blade units, including that on the RAV4, do not have to be completely replaced when it's time for a new wiper blade. Instead, you can remove the rubber from the old blade and replace it with a new rubber strip and rubber backing and get the same effect of an entirely new blade.

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