DIY Double Garage Designs

Updated February 21, 2017

A two-car garage will increase the market value of almost any home. Families look for large garage space, since a garage is a good place to escape for woodworking or storing vintage cars. Many people like to store two family vehicles in a two-car garage vs. outdoors in order to protect the cars' paint. It's always a good idea to build the garage big enough for shelves and workbenches. Just a few extra feet added to the length or width will provide enough space to keep the garage from being crowded.

Buy or borrow home design books and magazines to study garage designs. Look for roof lines, door systems and wood trim techniques that look appealing. Figure out the style of garage that will look best with your house. Create a garage that looks like original construction vs. one that looks added on. Plan to build a garage with exterior materials that match the house exactly, too.

Measure the yard area for garage construction. Build a garage roughly 24 feet by 24 feet to hold two cars. Add an extra 10 feet or so along one side, if the budget will allow, for a workbench area or storage. Use graph paper to define how every square foot will be used inside the space. Consider constructing large windows along the back or sides to let in natural light, if these windows harmonise with house windows and design.

Plan to install trusses for maximum headroom in attic space. Order the trusses built when construction begins to be installed in a barn-shape, for example. Use trusses so that support posts for roofing areas will not be needed. Leave the floor area open, so driving a car into the space will not conflict with a floor-to-ceiling post in the way. Use trusses to create this open space, so opening car doors is easier from inside the garage.

Create a plan to build garage walls on concrete footings. Install the concrete flooring as a totally separate pour. Plan to use roll-type metal gridwork to give the flooring strength. Pour the floor at least 8 inches deep to give maximum strength and prevent cracking. Allow the concrete flooring to dry thoroughly before driving any vehicle on it.

Match the garage roofing materials to the house. Use Spanish tile on the garage roof, if the house roof is constructed of this material, for example. Or, install asphalt shingles on the two-car garage, if these shingles are needed. Match the garage to the house roof colour as closely as possible.


Install windows in the garage that fit well with the house windows. Don't use windows for the garage that are either skimpy or overly ornate. Keep in mind that the garage should blend with the home vs. standing out strongly as a separate building.


Ask an expert carpenter to review a garage design. The weight of a garage roof is several tons, so make sure the walls can hold the trusses and the weight. A poorly planned building system could cause this weight to collapse.

Things You'll Need

  • Home design books
  • Backyard living magazines
  • Measuring tools
  • Sketch pad
  • Graph paper
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