How to Replace a Pop Up Tent End

Updated April 17, 2017

Top-quality pop up tents can cost several hundred dollars. The end of a tent pole often breaks with overuse and rugged environments. Usually the end of the pole cannot be replaced alone, but the entire pole can be replaced. Replacing the pop up tent pole allows for the tent to continue to be used without the large expense of replacing the entire tent. Standard tent poles are available at outdoor retailers, but often do not fit every tent. Use these steps to replace a custom pop up tent pole.

Acquire the name of the tent manufacturer and style of the tent for the broken tent pole. This information will be on the instruction booklet for the tent, the tent box or on a tag inside the tent. If it is not possible to find the exact style of tent you can still replace the pop up tent end if you know the name of the manufacturer and can measure the broken piece.

Measure the circumference of the existing pole. Using a flexible measuring tape, wrap the tape around the existing pole and measure the circumference in centimetres and inches. Pole replacement companies will request the pole circumference in either centimetres or inches.

Count the number of sections in the pole. Usually a bungee cord holds several 1- to 2-foot poles together. Count the total number of poles that make up the larger pole.

Measure the length of each section and the total length of the pole. Each section of the pole is often the same length, but it is necessary to measure each section before ordering a replacement pole. Also, take note of the total pole length with all the smaller poles assembled together.

Note how the pole attaches to the tent. For pop up-style tents the pole usually attaches with a small pin, which is on the lower corner of the tent, and pushes into the end of the tent pole. This is often the tent end which breaks and needs to be replaced, but since the end is not replaceable alone, the whole poles must be replaced.

Order the replacement pole for the pop up tent. Contact the tent manufacturer first, if you have the information on the tent model number. To replace an unknown tent pole, contact a replacement company, such as those in the Resources section. Provide the replacement company the complete measurements of the pole you need. It will need the pole circumference, number of individual poles in each longer pole, total length of pole and type of pole end for attaching to the tent.


Sometimes cracks in the pole end are repairable with duct tape. Before purchasing new poles, wrap several layers of duct tape around the crack in the pole. This also works great for a quick fix if the pole breaks and you are unable to find a suitable replacement immediately. When purchasing a tent, use a permanent marker to write the model number somewhere on the inside of the tent. This will make ordering replacement parts easier in the future.

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